The General Assemly, taking into account that 1995 is the millennium of the Kyrgyz national epos Manas, and meeting the principles of the World Cultural Development Decade of 1988-1997.

Referring to resolution 27 C/13.22 of the UNESCO General Conference, concerning the celebration of anniversaries within the two-year period of 1994-1995.

Taking into consideration that the Manas epos is a vitally important con- necting link that supports and unites the peoples of the Middle Asia region all along their centuries old history.

Admitting that this epos is not only the source of Kyrgyz language and literature but also the basis of cultural, moral, historical, social and religious traditions of the Kyrgyz people.

Taking into account that this epos favors the dissemination of humane ideals and values of the humanity;

Remembering that celebration of the millennium of the Manas epos may greatly enrich the cultural and international collaboration and mutual understanding;

Observing the liberal heritage of this epos for the peoples of the region;

And observing also the ideals and principles contained in the UNESCO "Peace Memory" program.

Considers 1995 a year of celebration of the millennium of the Kyrgyz national epos Manas.

Welcomes the fact that UNESCO plays the role of the leading organization for the celebration of the millennium of the epos Manas, calls UNESCO to cooperate with the government of Kyrgyzstan and other interested international organizations to take proper measures for celebration of the Manas epos millennium in 1995.

Takes into consideration with satisfaction all international measures carried out by UNESCO in cooperation with the government of the Kyrgyz Republic with the purpose of dissemination of knowledge about the legacy of the "Manas" epos among the international community.


The epic tells the story of Manas, his descendants, and their exploits against various foes. The Epic of Manas is divided into three books. The first is entitled "Manas", the second episode describes the deeds of his son Semetei, and the third of his grandson Seitek. The epic begins with the destruction and difficulties caused by the invasion of the Oirats. Zhakyp reaches maturity in this time as the owner of many herds without a single heir. His prayers are eventually answered, and on the day of his son's birth, he dedicates a colt, Toruchaar, born the same day to his son's service. The son is unique among his peers for his strength, mischief, and generosity. The Oirat learn of this young warrior and warn their leader. A plan is hatched to capture the young Manas. They fail in this task, and Manas is able to rally his people and is eventually elected and proclaimed as khan.



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